Modern Hydroponic Greenhouses

Due to certain factors such as climate change, scarcity of water quality as well as the lack of water, we move more and more often towards alternative methods of cultivation. For this reason, hydroponics, or soilless greenhouse cultivation, has a very important role in the agricultural production.
Hydroponics means growing plants without soil. Hydroonics is often called ‘soilless cultivation’ and it is usually applied to a closed and controlled environment, such as the greenhouse, where the land is replaced by artificial substrates allowing to reduce production variables and to increase the quality and quantity of the product.
Modern Hydroponic Greenhouses
Asya Sera has sufficient equipment, experience and technical equipment to realize your Turnkey Seedling Production Greenhouses projects in Turkey and abroad as well.
We have expert teams that can assemble and install all kinds of greenhouses, from the smallest projects to turnkey seedling production greenhouses with complex structures. In addition, as Asya Sera, we also work with contracted local professional assembly teams when deemed necessary.

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