22.000 m2 Production Area

Our production capacity of 1.500.000 m2 has been increasing every year.

Wide Machinery Park

Our machine park is updated regularly by following the technological need and developments

Expert team

Our team of experts in the field aims perfect production by controlling every detail one by one.


More than 500 references, successfully completed projects at home and abroad

Quality management

We aim for a sustainable quality approach with internal and external audits.

Turnkey Projects

We are with you in the whole process from the projecting of the greenhouse to its installation.

Why Asya Greenhouse ?

Modern Greenhouse Systems

Modern Hydroponic Greenhouses, Flower, Fruit Greenhouses, Greenhouse Equipments, Irrigation, Fertilization, Automation Systems, Project Design ...


  • Technology Suitable for Controlled Production
  • High Volume, High Ventilation Rate
  • Good Insulation, High Energy Savings
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Environment Suitable for Organic Agriculture
  • Abundant Light, High Photosynthesis
  • High Efficiency, High Standard


  • Modern Seedling Production Greenhouses
  • High Volume, Controlled, Healthy Environment
  • Butterfly and Guillotine Window Combinations
  • Horizontal Anti Insectnet Applications
  • Spiral Irrigation Booms
  • Galvanized Modular Seedling Tables
  • Minimum Disease Risk
  • Fast and Healthy Development

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