FEL Group

Fel Group aims to serve you better every year by increasing its service area and quality according to the targets it has determined.

ASYA Modern Greenhouse

It provides services in many fields such as Production Greenhouses, Seedling Production Greenhouses, Tomato Greenhouses, Modern Greenhouse Solutions, Greenhouse Equipments, Turnkey Modern Greenhouse Systems.

FEL Metal

It provides services in many fields such as steel constructions, fastening components, Greenhouse Fogging, Greenhouse Irrigation Systems, Professional Greenhouse Installation, Greenhouse Heat Screen Systems, Turnkey Greenhouse, Steel Sheet Cutting with state-of-the-art equipment.


As expected from a corporate company for the environment we live in, our company desires to create a more livable environment for the next generations, for the future as well as for the present, beyond just meeting the standards and fulfilling the legal requirements.

NAVOIY Greenhouse

Üzbekistan Greenhouse

Dinamik Seedling

Dynamic Modern Seedling Production Facility 


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