ASYA MODERN SERACILIK METAL YAPI LOGISTICS PETROL OTOMOTIV AGRICULTURE PLASTİC ENGINEERING IMPORT EXPORT INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY was established on 24.02.2010 with a capital of 1.000.000 TL to produce, supply and assemble modern and welded greenhouse materials.
Our founders Enver ÖZTÜRK and Celil ÖZTÜRK have been successful in every sector in which they work with the importance they attach to quality and their principled business approach and continued the same success in the field of Modern Greenhouse. Our company has expanded its production area every year by exceeding its growth targets and expanded its machinery park by increasing the closed factory area of 1.000m² to 10.000m². As a result of this growth; Our annual production capacity of 300.000M² of greenhouse materials has increased to 1.500.000M². Our company carries out successful works with its experienced and knowledgeable staff structure and continues its activities in a stable and quality manner without changing its line.

It is important that the materials required for the greenhouse must be accorrding to the specification of the ordering psrties. That means the most proper materials should be ,required quality, light , convenient and prepared for seraial poduction. Obviously it is also should be allowing heating and cooling without requiring much energy in terms of cost. Therefore, It is important that the installation can be done easily and covered very tightly.
It should not be effected by the weather conditions very much depending on the region conditions and the air conditioning in the greenhouse should be provided very well.
It is also important that the materials used in the establishment of greenhouses and the greenhouse connection equipment, main materials and all connection equipment used in the construction of the roof, especially in terms of carrying the heavy conditions of the winter months, to be protective against wind, rain and rust and to be strong enough to withstand the weight of the craftsmen who install the roof.
All steel construction materials are processed and produced in our factory according to their projects. Hardware materials are supplied in accordance with the project and in a quality that will ensure the highest level of safety.
Among the materials used in the installation of greenhouses and greenhouse connection equipments used in the construction of roofs are produced. Especially in terms of carrying the heavy conditions of the winter months; it is important that it is protective against wind, rain and dirt and is strong enough to attract the weight of the masters who mount the roof.
Greenhouse upper connection strips, transmission parts and all attachment equipment must contain material according to the cover covering the greenhouse.
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Asya Modern Sera Sistemleri

Our company carries out production and assembly operations with experienced people in Mersin besides at tte other regions of our country. In addition, we have packaged deliveries of greenhouse materials for UZBEKISTAN, KAZAKHSTAN, TURKMENISTAN, GEORGIA, and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Our goal as a company is to enlarge comprehensive studies in detail without compromising our quality. By discovering new markets abroad (Europe and Middle East countries being the first), 30.000.000 USD of our exports is one of our targets. The most important elements of our principles are; to deliver the products on time, to never compromise on our quality and always to follow up by standing behind the work we do.

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